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2020: Deeply Thankful for You

Dearest Cocoflossers,

We are so grateful to YOU for supporting and enabling us to brighten your smile through this tough year. 

While 2020 often seemed like nothing but Zoom and doom, we’ve still felt so lucky to be able to work together to support and delight our customers. With optimism and focused teamwork, we stepped up to 2020’s challenges.  


Seasons of Change

As we finish another trip around the sun, here’s a quick recap of our astounding year at Cocofloss:

Winter Bliss Before Times: Last winter, Chrystle and I were in Maui when we first heard about this thing called “Covid.” We heard folks were masking up in Wuhan, China, as we reveled at the beach in relative safety. It was the peak of whale season and we watched humpbacks play and breach offshore.

Spring Shake-Up: In naïveté, or perhaps denial, we didn’t expect to find ourselves in quarantine back home in San Francisco just one short month later. As spring approached, we supported our Italian factory as they rapidly modified production schedules to keep workers safe while Covid-19 shook Italy. Soon after we made similar changes to protect the health of teammates in our California warehouse. As dental practices closed except for emergency procedures, we doubled down on supporting our community of dental professionals and encouraging folks to give their teeth extra TLC at home. 


This year's Pride Pack benefited the Black AIDS Institute.


Summer Reckoning: With summer came hard talks about racism alongside our friends, families, and nation. As female founders and Asian Americans, we enjoy so many privileges that generations of activists fought hard for. Black lives matter. We listened, learned, and leaned in to support racial justice. 

As a small step toward increasing diversity in the dental profession (fewer than 4% of dental hygienists are Black), we helped fund a scholarship for a future hygienist through the nonprofit BrownGirl, RDH.

A Season Called “Fire”: August brought the largest forest fires in California’s modern history. Our blue Cali skies turned ash orange. From late summer into fall, we masked to protect ourselves from pandemic and pollution, and we Cocoflossed diligently to neutralize stinky breath trapped in our N-95 masks. 


Cat swimming with a sea turtle in Maui.


Truly All in This Together

When I was in Maui at the start of the year, I made sure to spend plenty of time in the water.Swimming around the coral reefs, which support so much life even with many parts bleached, I saw that health is at once fragile and resilient. Just as the colorful reefs, sea turtles, and whales depend on a whole and healthy ecosystem, so do we. Our individual health depends on the health of our environment and communities. 


 Starting in 2021, Cocofloss will be made out of recycled water bottles.


2021: Brighter Smiles Ahead

Our vision for 2021 honors the deep connection between the health of our bodies and our planet.

✨We will continue to work extra hard to help you find greater balance in health — starting with your smile. Look out for our upcoming launch of an innovative, eco-friendly product that will keep your gorgeous grin in even better shape

🌍 We are also committed to making our business more sustainable each year. In January, we will begin rolling out floss made of recycled water bottles. Every spool will equal six plastic bottles diverted from landfills.

🐧 And because we had so much fun sharing our Paradise for Your Smile Collection — benefiting endangered penguins, painted dogs, and spectacled bears — we are renewing our partnership with Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN). The work WCN is doing worldwide to restore ecosystems is totally inspirational. 


 Our Paradise for Your Smile Collection benefits the Wildlife Conservation Network.


When Chrystle and I first started Cocofloss five years ago, we set out to make flossing feel like a mini vacation with beachy scents like Fresh Coconut. We had no idea then how important small, self-care escapes would become a few years later. With quarantines making everyone yearn to travel, our team is dedicated to bringing you the most relaxing experiences. 

Thank you again for supporting our small business and for spending your evenings Cocoflossing with us. As we enter 2021, we hope you’ll continue to gently care for yourself with healthy habits for your smile, body, and soul. 🙏

We are all looking forward to a wonderful new year! 

Cat & Dr. Chrys, sisters and Cocofloss co-founders





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