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Behind The Scenes With Artist Kim Sielbeck

Kim Sielbeck is the master behind our Mother's Day Greeting Card. Take a look at what inspired her to create this special card for Mom!
Cocofloss: What inspired this scene?
Kim: I recently went to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park on a vacation. We could hear coyotes every night, and I was mesmerized by how vast and beautiful the landscape is out there!
C: What influence would you like your art to have?
K: I’d like to inspire more smiles, dance parties, and good vibes with my work! Seeing people smile and their faces brighten up is my favorite part of being an artist.
C: What’s one lesson you learned from Mom?
K: My mom always told my sister and I that we were strong, smart, and could do whatever we set our minds to. She always encouraged us to chase our dreams, and to remember to have some fun while doing so.

C: How does your mom make you smile?
K: I’m always laughing around my mom- she’s got a great sense of humor and is really good at impressions! There’s never a dull moment.
C: Would you share Cocofloss with Mom? Why?
K: I already have, and she loves it! The texture of the floss is perfect, and the different flavors are so fun. It’s a hit in the Sielbeck household!
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