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We Hit the Bull's-Eye! Cocofloss Is Now in Target Stores Nationwide
Beloved by Gwyneth Paltrow, hailed as a “game-changer” by Business Insider, and named “Best Dental Floss” by New York magazine, Cocofloss has converted non-flossers around the country into enthusiastic floss fans. Curious to try the floss that everyone from actress and director Olivia Wilde to Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carrabba credits with keeping their pearly whites bright?

Head t
o Target today and pick uFresh Coconut or Delicious Mint Cocofloss — both now available in more than 1,300 stores throughout the U.S. 


Brushing alone misses 35% of your teeth’s surfaces. 


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On a Mission to Make Mouths Happy


Why all the fuss about floss? Cocofloss is on a mission to make the world brighter with healthier smiles. Tired of “drilling and filling,” Dr. Chrystle Cu designed Cocofloss to help prevent cavities and gum disease. More than half of her patients with tooth decay could have avoided the drill by flossing properly.

Brushing alone misses 35% of your teeth’s surfaces. And, unfortunately, your average floss is too smooth and flat to effectively remove plaque, the sticky, yellow biofilm that covers our teeth. It often glides right over the sour, stinky stuff. This encourages cavity-causing bacteria to multiply and grow. If left unchecked, the total amount of bad bacteria in your mouth can become overwhelming, resulting in irritated, swollen gums, and eventually gum recession and decay.



Our textured floss captures food and bacteria that slick floss misses.



Cleansing and Whitening


We believe teeth for life is possible. Woven with hundreds of strong, grime-grabbing fibers, Cocofloss scrubs all the nasty gunk away to keep your chompers strong and sparkling. It’s the loofah for your smile!



Infused with coconut oil, Cocofloss gently scrubs away sticky, yellow plaque.


Gentle and Soothing


Flossing should be a relaxing, laid-back experience — not a chore you prefer to skip. We designed our textured floss to be super gentle. Infused with coconut oil, a natural antimicrobial, it soothes gums and reduces inflammation. 

Got crowded teeth? Cocofloss easily fits between even the tightest spaces thanks to its soft, flexible shape and vegan wax coating. 



Delicious Mint, Cara Cara Orange, Pure Strawberries, and Fresh Coconuts



Blissfully Scented


Cocofloss is lightly scented with delightful fragrances, including Fresh Coconut, Delicious Mint (both available in more than 1,300 Target stores), Pure Strawberry, Cara Cara Orange, and limited-edition options like Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Bean. Breathe in a bit of bliss every time you floss.                  

Safe for Your Smile

✨ 500+ polyester filaments gently scrub plaque away.

✨ Vegan wax enables Cocofloss to coast between tight contacts.

✨ Coconut oil soothes your gums.

✨ Fresh food-grade fragrances make flossing a delight.

✨ Cruelty-free, vegan, and free of toxins, including parabens, SLS, and PFAS


✨ Gum bliss guaranteed! 😊         


Friendly to the Planet  


We’ve partnered with Wildlife Conservation Network to help keep natural habits healthy for animals and humans. Find out more ...

Join the floss party! Pop in your local Target and treat your pearly whites to a little luxury today! 🎯


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