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Dr. Chrys and Cat Reveal the Reasons Behind the Cocobrush’s Eco-luxe Design

In a personal letter, Dr. Chrys and Cat share how this extraordinary toothbrush honors their love of both the ocean and supreme smile care.

Dear Cocoflosser:

As we celebrate World Oceans Day on June 8, we’re also happily celebrating the one-year anniversary since the launch of our eco-luxe Cocobrush. Please read on to learn how our love of the ocean inspired us to create a brush that not only cleans up smiles with style, it also helps clean up our seas. 

But first, have you met our incredibly lush Cocobrush? A complement to Cocofloss — let’s call it a “sister product” 😉 — the Cocobrush is designed to be more gentle and more effective than standard toothbrushes. It’s loaded with thousands of multi-tiered micro-bristles so soft they’re fluffy and a ~98% recycled ocean-bound plastic handle (more on that below). It’s no ordinary toothbrush.

In fact, a Swiss university study found that Cocobrush is 16 times more effective at cleaning between teeth than a standard toothbrush!! (We knew it would be good, but we honestly didn’t expect it to be THAT good!! And no, brushing with Cocobrush does not replace flossing. 😆)

4 Cocobrushes and Cocofloss on the beach

Designed by a Dentist? Hey, that’s Dr. Chrys! 

We’re proud to say Cocobrush designed by a dentist — that’s me, Dr. Chrys! I know there are lots of toothbrush varieties out there, but most aren’t effective enough. After all, gum disease still affects almost half of American adults. 

In my private practice, over half of the tooth decay I diagnose involves areas in between the teeth. I also know exactly where most of my patients tend to build up the most bacterial plaque and tartar (I’m looking at you, upper back molars and backs of the lower front teeth). I made sure the Cocobrush was super-effective at cleaning these areas, without being too abrasive on your enamel and gums.

Here are a few features that make Cocobrush superior to standard brushes:

✨ Ultra-soft bristles that are 40% finer than traditional bristles, so they’re both more effective and more gentle at sweeping along and under your gums, where bacterial plaque wreaks the most havoc. 

✨ Multi-level mix of tall, tapered bristles that scrub between teeth, plus short, rounded bristles that polish flat surfaces.

Compact brush-head and softly curved, ergonomic handle to help you clean the harder-to-reach places. That same curve conveniently allows the brush-head to hygienically sit off the countertop, so you can keep your brush — and your smile — super clean. 

Psst! Tune up your toothbrushing (and flossing) technique with these quick tips!

Diving Beneath the Surface with Cat


Cat here. A couple years ago, I visited Biscayne National Park in Florida. Its shores were littered with plastic. Nearby I dove beneath the waters at Anniversary Reef, where I discovered a world full of purple, yellow, and green sea fans and rainbows of tropical reef fish. Surrounding the reef was a barren expanse, highlighting both how magical and fragile ocean life is.

Sadly, an estimated 8 million metric tons of waste end up in our oceans each year, with about 80% coming from land-based sources. We simply can’t continue to litter marine environments this way. There is too much life beneath — and above — the surface depending on the health of our seas.   

To help stem the tide of trash entering our oceans, we’ve partnered with Oceanworks to source recyclable plastic from communities located within 50 kilometers of the coast that have no formal waste-management system, aka “ocean-bound plastic.” Oceanworks guarantees international standards for social and environmental responsibility, authentic sources for materials, and a transparent supply chain — so you can be sure your Cocobrush’s coral reef–bright handle is truly made from food-grade ocean-bound plastic.

But we’re not stopping there. For every Cocobrush purchased, Cocofloss and Oceanworks pledge to remove an additional 10 Cocobrushes’ worth of ocean-bound plastic from the environment to be properly recycled or disposed of.

This past year, we’ve cleaned up 22,950 lbs of plastic, thanks to production of Cocobrush handles and these extra clean-up efforts. That’s the equivalent of 26 million plastic straws! Every brush helps set off a wave of change. 

Recycled plastic also has a lighter impact on our natural resources. In 2022, Cocofloss aims to save 6,804 kwh energy, 807 gallons of oil, and 5,184 lbs CO2 emissions by crafting Cocobrush handles with recycled ocean-bound plastic instead of virgin plastic.

While the world’s problems around plastic recycling remain largely unsolved, we’re proud to take this small step toward sustainability. (Learn more about all our steps to be more sustainable here.) Thanks to the new Cocobrush, plastic that might have found its way into the ocean gets a second life making your smile sparkle. And thanks to you for helping us to make this amazing transformation happen.

Wishing you healthy, happy smiles, and teeth for life!

Dr. Chrys & Cat Cu 

Sisters and Cocofloss Co-founders

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