Earth's Most Amazing Cold Dessert Spots

Waiola Shave Ice | Honolulu, HI

The universe's finest shaved ice served with all natural fruit juices. It's a fruity Hawaiian snowstorm in your mouth.

Our favs: haupia (coconut) with lilikoi cream, Azuki bowl

Grom | Florence, Italy & New York City, NY


Reliably flavorful, smooth and fresh organic gelato.

Check out: Crema di Grom, Crema come una volta

Photo Courtesy of Grom

BiRite Creamery | San Francisco, CA


Their flavors are di-vine!

Our favs: salted caramel, honey lavender, banana soft serve

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Bambu | San Mateo, CA (and all over the US)


A tropical surprise of mixed fruits, coconut, beans and jellies.

Our favs: Bambu combo, Bambu favorite

Half & Half Tea House | San Gabriel, CA (the original)


Fresh milk tea, honey boba, and pudding with bounce.

Our fav: Ice milk drink with honey boba and grass jelly.

Lolita's Gelato | Santorini, Greece


Refreshing gelat-oasis in tourist-ridden Oia.

Ice Monster | Taipei, Taiwan


If you love mango, this is heaven. Endless variations of fluffy shaved ice, pudding, and generous chunks of fresh mango.

McDonald's | Earth

soft serve cone - can't be beat. Sweet vanilla, industrial perfection.

What are your favorite spots? We want to check them out!

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