Exploring Coves at Laguna Beach

We Cu sisters and Cocofloss made a trip to Orange County, and we discovered a time-stands-still, magical spot – Treasure Island Beach.

The beach is easy to access, and unlike the crowded, expansive beaches characteristic of SoCal, Treasure Island has secluded coves reminiscent of those scattered around Italy. There are tide pools teeming with life, impressive cliffs, and arched rock formations. The landscape was quaint and California-grand all at once. Thanks to El Niño currents, the water was 70 degrees and swimmable!

Orange County is overflowing with culinary delight and diversity, and so we snuck in some amazing bites:

Brodard –Vietnamese in Garden Grove. Their spring rolls and coconut jelly are musts!

Chicken Mason –Mediterranean in Santa Ana. Go for the spicy lemon chicken!

Tsuruhashi –Japanese BBQ in Fountain Valley. The prime outside skirt steak is perfection.

Bear Flag Fish Co. – Still savoring the fresh poke, grilled fish plates, and chowders... Newport Beach.

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1. This mythical animal, the _______, has a giant tusk on its head that is actually a long tooth! Unlike our own teeth, it is soft on the outside, and gets harder on the inside. The tusk serves as a giant antennae-like sensor.

2. A recently discovered tooth fossil suggests that predatory supersharks roamed the shallow seas of what is now Texas ~300 million years ago. Except for teeth, sharks don’t show up in the fossil record since their skeletons are made of soft cartilage that breaks down. Sharks continually shed their teeth, and may sometimes shed ______ teeth in their lifetime.
                    a. 300+
                    b. 3,000+
                    c. 30,000+
                    d. 300,000+ 

3. If you don't floss, you miss cleaning _______% of your tooth surfaces.

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