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Finding My Connections

by: Sammie Yamashita

Staying Connected

Once I graduated from college last year, I knew it was going to be really important to find ways to stay connected to my college friends, some who have since moved thousands of miles away. I find that I can even be difficult to connect with my friends who have stayed local, as we all have busy work schedules now. One of our favorite things to do are to dedicate at least one day a month where we go out and get lunch on a Sunday afternoon! 

Sweet Surprises

I make it a point to give my friends who are a little farther away a FaceTime call at least once every few weeks, and send them video or photo messages on Snapchat or through texts to keep in touch. Once in a blue moon we will also send each other small packages - there’s no better feeling then getting a package that was in the hands of your loved ones that you aren’t able to see yourself except for a few times a year. They especially love when I send them boxes of Cocofloss -- their favorites? Our Cocograms, because I always make sure to include a sweet note!

Share Your Smile

Have you been participating in our #findyoursmile challenge? This week you have the chance to win Cocograms to send to your friends and family! There no better way to show someone you care than to give their smile some love :) 


Sammie is our social media and marketing associate here at Cocofloss! When she's not browsing through insta-feeds, traveling, or coming up with Cocofloss content, you can find her at the gym, yoga studio, or cooking up a yummy meal with friends.

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