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Floss Party at #RDHUOR

Thanks to all the ladies and gents who came out to #flossparty with us! #rdhuor #cocofloss

floss party with Dr. Novy!

Kicking back. Clearly, we are the champions.

Dear Cocofloss – it was fun strolling you around the DC area! Wow, have you gotten heavy!

Thanks to all the dental hygienists who trekked out to the Cocofloss Party at RDH Under One Roof! We had so much fun sharing the floss movement with the dental hygiene community, and we are so pumped to have shared Cocofloss with so many dedicated leaders.

We had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Brian Novy's talk on "How to Eat Candy", which commenced with a rousing overview of those scandalous studies about the lack of evidence behind flossing. Given all the recent press – "Flossing Declared Pointless," "Is Flossing Necessary," and etc. – Dr. Novy's lecture could not have been better-timed. In case you're still on the fence about flossing, click here to see what we think.  

Dr. Novy is the man (the man) to talk to when it comes to cavities management. He runs a counter-culture dental practice in Massachusetts. A sharp, loud, and ebullient thought leader in evidence-based dentistry and caries management, his goal is to help patients achieve a healthy mouth by understanding each patients’ unique oral ecosystem. At every visit, he investigates each patient’s cavities risk profile, and rallies patients to make small, tangible lifestyle fixes. For instance, how about candy as a post-dinner treat instead of snacking on it throughout the day? With tiny, consistent lifestyle changes, we really can reduce our risk for tooth decay!

Thanks, Dr. Novy, for stopping by to Cocofloss Party with us! We were inspired by your lecture.

Special thanks to Jen Collins (and the fabulous "OSHA" gals) for introducing and welcoming us to RDH UOR! We had a blast. As Jen says, let's make floss great again! 🇺🇸

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