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Girl Power 🌸

Today is the United Nations International Day of the Girl! My sister Chrystle and I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge this important day and recognize girls around the world.

In many societies both near and far, girls have to fight for access to education, rights, and opportunity, and the role they play in life is not a choice of their own. As sisters and co-founders, we believe that girls should be able to pursue any dream they choose, and we're excited to see the gender gap narrow as the world grooms more women in positions of leadership. To the parents, families, and communities who have helped empower young women, thank you!


I’d like to give a shout out to my big sister, Chrys. As the director of all my imaginary play, she empowered me to believe that anything is possible from a young age. My Cabbage Patch Kid could compete in the Olympics, my teddy bear had a farm, and I could run a movie studio – all in our play.

Progress starts with dreams and play. Take a moment to think about how you can help inspire girls in your community to dream big today!

Together, we can break barriers for girls around the world!

Cat & Chrys

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