How to Make the Ultimate Gelato Affogato

Cocofloss is proudly made at a family-owned factory in Italy. What better way to celebrate our Italian connection than with our delizioso new scent, Gelato Affogato? It turns every flossing session into a breezy Vespa ride around Rome, with a sweet stop at a local ice-cream shop.

But first, the actual dessert: Traditionally made by dousing ice-cold gelato with a shot of hot espresso, an affogato is both an after-dinner (or breakfast?) treat and a perky pick-me-up. The word affogato” just means “drowned” in Italian — so you can be flexible with your frozen treat. Soft-serve vanilla from a drive-through? Check. Home-brewed coffee? That’s fine. If you can’t make it to Italy, mix up the flavors and ingredients however you like — and you will like.

As Eric Kim wrote in The New York Times, “The magic of an affogato is that even a bad one can be very good, but a very good one can change your life.”

If you’re ready to live la dolce vita with the ultimate gelato affogato, here’s how to indulge:  

Ultimate Gelato Affogato Recipe

Makes 1 serving


1 double shot (2 ounces) hot espresso

1 to 2 scoops (about ½ cup) very cold vanilla gelato or ice cream (see tip below)

Amaretto (optional)


1. Chill a small shallow bowl or glass in the freezer until frosty or cold to the touch.

2. Make the espresso so it can sit while you scoop the gelato. If you don’t have a moka pot or an espresso machine, run to the nearest coffee shop.

3. Add the very cold gelato to your chilled bowl.

4. Slowly pour the hot espresso in a thin stream directly over the gelato, draping the entire surface of the scoop with an even layer of coffee. You can add a splash of amaretto here if you’d like (the almond flavor would be welcome). Just be sure to start eating it before the gelato completely melts: In each bite, you want solid spoonfuls of the gelato thinly draped in coffee.

Tip: Try to buy ice cream that is made without eggs, which can muddy the pure cream flavor. A dense Italian gelato is preferable, especially one speckled with vanilla bean seeds. The structure is important: If it’s too warm or too airy, it will melt into a puddle as soon as the hot espresso hits it.

Tip from Dr. Chrys: Perk up your smile anytime with dolce scent of Gelato Affogato Cocofloss.

Recipe courtesy of The New York Times Magazine.

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