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On Set with Cocofloss

Why you should Cocofloss! 

Watch this video to learn 1) Why it's not a bad idea to floss and 2) Why flossing is better with Cocofloss!

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Why we created a floss video

Gum disease is a topic that folks hate to be bothered with, though most of us struggle with some icky form of it. Education is the best way to prevent and manage any disease, so we hope to help you and your gums by showing you how gum disease works. 

Our artist, Anthony Gentles, brought our mouth's microbes to life with animation. Microbial maps produced with spectral imaging served as inspiration for the bacterial color palette, while scanning electron microscope images of plaque informed our character shapes and personalities. 

Each color represents a different bacterial species. Corynebacteria, magenta, forms the core of the structure. 

Scanning electron microscope image of oral bacteria.




Want to see more? Click here to see additional images of the microbes chilling on our teeth surfaces.

A Look Behind the Scenes

Crew Credits

Director Scott D. Keenan
Assistant Director Colin Beatt
Assistant Camera Dave Azoulay
Gaffer AJ Holden
Grip Calvin Laszakovits
Swing Sean Jackson
Audio Carlton Lester
Hair and Make-Up Miche Williams
Wardrobe Marta Brandysiewicz
Production Assistant Reggie Louis-Jacques

The studio in New York. Who knew that SoHo was home to this little gem? 

Canine Credits

Dolce waiting for her first NYC Metro ride. It was January, and fur-eezing out!

Our little Yorkshire Terrier Dolce makes a cameo in this video! It was her first time traveling to New York, and she had a blast! Her role in the video had special significance because of her own battle with gum disease

Treat Credits

We hoped you'd notice! Live large, eat cake, and floss. The cast enjoyed our favorite New York treats during breaks on set. And then, they Cocoflossed ;). 

Cupcakes Magnolia Bakery
Macarons Dean and Deluca
Rice Pudding Rice to Riches

Cast Credits

Spoiler alert! We have two more video shorts coming your way. The actors in the other videos joined in the floss party for the final scene of our explainer video. More coming soon...

Cocofloss Lead Savannah Stein
Christine Kate Surinskaya
Tim Niguel Quinn
Richard Simmons Sandy Busken
Back-Up Dancer 1 Emily Anderson
Back-Up Dancer 2 Diane Meck

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Many, many thanks to everyone who helped put this video together! Stay tuned for more soon!

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