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Starting September 20, we’re increasing the cost of some of our products, including Delicious Mint, Fresh Coconut, and Pure Strawberry Cocofloss ($9 → $10). There’s so much in our power — like creating new scents (ouBanana Daiquiri Cocofloss is fruity fresh fun). But there are things beyond our control, like the increasing cost of eco-conscious materials, global supply chain issues, rising fuel and shipping costs, and the ripple effect this all has on small companies, like yours truly.

In the seven years since we first launched, it’s been our mission to craft luxe smile-care goodies at fair prices. This has meant weathering significant increases to shipping and raw material costs, especially during the pandemic and as we strengthened our sustainability efforts.

For instance, when we gave Cocofloss a major makeover from virgin polyester to more expensive recycled polyester threads, we found a way to keep prices the same for more than a year. Basically, your smile experience (and having a lighter environmental footprint) means the world to us. If we could wave a tooth fairy’s magic wand and keep prices the same forever, we would! 

Yes, it’s not fun, and yes, that means you’ll spend a little more on some Cocofloss products, but it also means we’ll be able to:  

• Keep our smile-care quality absolutely premium

• Continue spinning Cocofloss from recycled water bottles and making Cocobrushes out of recycled ocean-bound plastic

• Sponsor the clean up of 10 Cocobrush’s worth of ocean-bound plastic for every Cocobrush purchased

• Deliver your orders even faster — and in recycled paper packaging

• Develop new, more sustainable solutions and cutting-edge tooth care

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We're committed to eco-conscious materials and we won't compromise for less.

• Recycled plastics and recycled polyester cost more than virgin versions and the cost continues to rise.

• There’s a limited-supply of food-grade, ocean-bound plastics.

• The cost of funding coastal cleanups, like the ones we do for every Cocobrush sold, is rising.


Global shortages affect all businesses along the entire supply chain. 

• A long pandemic has led to supply and demand issues with little wiggle room for smaller businesses (like ours).

• Oil and fuel shortages plus limited carrier capacity affect transportation.

Fuel prices have gone up, which affects freight costs from factory to doorstep.

• Raw materials (like wax) and even postage rates have increased in price.

• We’re investing in a new warehouse partner to provide a fast and seamless delivery experience — this comes with more labor and service costs.


A few smile-care goodies with new prices.

Our classic Cocofloss fragrances — Delicious Mint, Fresh Coconut, Pure Strawberry, and Cara Cara Orange — will increase by $1. ($9 → $10)

• The Happiness 4-Spool Set will increase by $3 ($33  $36)

• The Cocofloss Sampler will increase by $3 ($12  $15)


Don’t forget →

You’ll forever and always save 10% on all subscription goodies when you sign up for a CocoBox — including refills.

We want the best for you and your megawatt smile, so we immediately looped you in so that you have time to stock up before our prices go up. Thank you SO much for being part of our CocoFam. We seriously appreciate your support of our sister-run company! 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns at (855) 661-4719or at team@cocofloss.com

We love your smile,

Dr. Chrys & Cat

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