Passion Fruit Punch

Native to Brazil, passion fruit (or maracujá) adds a pop of sweetness to a whole array of confections, including popsicles, pastries, sorbet, and — for the health-conscious — salads!

It also happens to be an excellent addition to cocktails. 🍹💕 In celebration of our new, limited-edition Passion Fruit Cocofloss, we’re sharing a passion fruit recipe that will really get your party started.


Passion Fruit Punch (Poncha Maracujá)

Passion fruit packs a punch, and, fittingly, so does this cocktail. Blended with Brazil’s national spirit, cachaça, a distilled beverage made from fermented sugarcane juice, the drink is strong. Sip slowly and smile broadly. 

Looking to fill up with some hearty food first? Check out our vegan version of Brazil’s national dish, feijoada.

Serves 4


3 cups passion fruit juice

4 teaspoons honey

1 cup cachaça


Place the honey and 1/2 cup juice in a pitcher. Stir to dissolve honey. Stir in remaining juice.

Add cachaça and stir. Place ice in 4 highball glasses; pour juice mixture over it. Serve with straws. Saúde!

Recipe courtesy of  The New York Times

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