Sawubona! Cocofloss Visits South Africa



After 24 hours of travel, Cocofloss landed in South Africa, the Rainbow Nation. With miles of turquoise coastline, dramatic cliffs, mountains, rivers, winelands, lowlands, and cultural influences stemming from Africa, Europe, and Asia, South Africa is so wonderfully colorful. It’s stunning.

Spend a couple days in Cape Town to feel the city. Savor local-caught dishes with Portuguese flair and live jazz at Pigalle. For sweets, soak your teeth in moist, butter-sweet Malva pudding with crème anglaise. At day, enjoy the views of Capetown from flat-topped Table Mountain, then taxi to Camps Bay to play in the strong Atlantic waves. For a snack, share a Gatsby sandwich. A Cape Town favorite, the Gatsby is made with bologna, french fries, and spicy piri piri sauce.





To escape the city, drive to must-see Kruger National Park for an unrivaled wildlife experience. Stay at a safari camp for glamping, great food, good company, and wildlife tracking expertise. Safari camps offer all sorts of sleeping options. Would you like a tent, luxury suite, or room built from buffalo dung? Worried about the heat? Don’t worry, most camps have A/C!

In the AM, lace up your boots for an all-terrain safari tour. Don’t be surprised when the lions and elephants approach your vehicle. You’re not prey in their eyes, and they’re curious! With a little patience, you’ll be lucky to meet Africa’s Big Five – rhinos, leopards, lions, elephants, and water buffalo.





After a long day of hide-and-seek with the fauna, park your jeep to enjoy “sundowners,” sunset drinks, with your guide and friends. Slow down. Watch the sunset. Enjoy the beauty, sounds, and rhythms of South African life.

Thank you Lauren for taking Cocofloss to South Africa!
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1. The dung of [this animal]is white because of all the bones it consumes.

2. Elephants go through [#] sets of teeth in their lifetime! Unlike humans whose teeth emerge vertically from the gums, their teeth push toward the front of the mouth horizontally, one by one, like a conveyer belt.

3. Passion gap or Cape Flats smile is a fashion trend originating in [this country] in which humans remove their front teeth.

4. South Africa, often called the Rainbow Nation for its diverse population, recognizes [#]national languages.

5. African penguins are also called [this noun]penguins for the males’ donkey-like braying. Often found on coastal areas in South Africa, they are the continent’s only endemic penguins.

6. [This city], the largest city in South Africa, was established following the discovery of [this metal] in 1886.  




answers: 1. hyena 2. 6 3. South Africa 4. 11 5. Jackass 6. Johannesburg, gold

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