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Sugar Season: How to Help Your Smile Survive the Sweetest Time of the Year

Oh the sweet delights of Sugar Season! We’re talking the sugary parade of candy- and treat-filled holidays from Halloween to Christmas, with a slight break before the candy-heart crush and chocolate kisses of Valentine’s Day. Truth: We might be a luxe oral-care company, but we eat our share of sweets too! After all, once we asked Cocofloss co-founder Cat Cu for Halloween-candy alternatives, and she recommended chocolate-covered cherries! 😆

We just gobble down our Christmas cookies with a Cocofloss chaser of fact-based smile care. That means knowing just what these sugary treats are doing to our teeth and how to minimize the damage, while still enjoying the sweet things in life. Here’s a Q&A to help your smile survive the sweetest time of the year:

Why is candy so bad for my teeth and gums?

In perfect creepy Halloween style, candy sticks like cobwebs to teeth, providing a feast to the bacterial boogeymen in your mouth. As these bacteria thrive, they build up plaque and tartar and release toxins that inflame your sensitive gums. This is known as gum disease, aka “gingivitis” in its earliest stages. You’ll recognize this if your gums bleed when you floss or brush. Eventually, as the condition gets worse and becomes periodontitis, your jaw bone can deteriorate, and you might even lose teeth. Now that’s scary. Check out our “Gum Guide” to learn more.

But I want candy! Are some sweets better or worse for my teeth?

Good news for your grin! You can raid your kid’s Halloween candy loot and sneak cookies from Santa’s plate, too. Just know what you’re getting your grin into before you munch. Gummy, hard, and sour candies are the worst — icing your teeth with sticky, bacteria-fueling sugar and enamel-eating acids. Instead, try biting into dark chocolate, which is relatively low in sugar, contains decay-fighting antioxidants, and easily rinses off the teeth. Another relatively good choice? Candy bars with nuts. The crunchy addition of nuts helps break up the stickiness and some of the biofilm on your teeth. Hey there, PayDay! 

I just ate 10 [insert your favorite candy] in one afternoon. Am I going to get cavities?

In this spooky Halloween night scenario, the bacteria will have a monstrous bash in your mouth! Take out your Cocofloss and Cocobrush stat and prepare to boot them back to the underworld. The sooner you remove sugar from your teeth and gum, the smaller the party for bacteria.

How do I floss and brush effectively so I can keep on eating sweet treats? 

Gotta love that question. 😜 

Brushing twice and flossing once each day are no-brainers, especially during Sugar Season. But do you really know how to clean your teeth and gums like a pro? Here are 5 essential tips for gorgeous grins:

First, Unwind 

Cocofloss first to remove plaque from between your teeth and below your gumline (a hideout for disease-causing bacteria). Then use your Cocobrush to sweep away this debris and clean your chompers’ surfaces.

Teeth Need Hugs Too 

Unwind 18 inches of Cocofloss every evening and wrap each tooth in a snug, “C”-shaped hug. Shimmy the strand back and forth and up and down, including just below the gumline.

Keep It Fresh

Use a new section of floss for each pair of teeth to avoid spreading bacteria. 

Walk Brush the Line

Angle your Cocobrush bristles at 45 degrees towards your gumline and brush in small circles. Don’t be afraid to gently massage your gums.

Easy Does It

Pressing hard won’t remove more plaque. Bristles get smooshed against your teeth, preventing the brush tips from effectively cleaning between teeth or below the gumline. Forceful brushing can also damage your gums and enamel. Ouch!

Check out more tips for bright, healthy grins during Sugar Season and all year long!🍬🍬🍬We love a healthy indulgence, which is why Cocofloss comes in dessert- and sweets-inspired fragrances like Dark Chocolate and Pure Peppermint! (We also love combining Cara Cara Orange and Vanilla Bean for a dreamsicle-inspired pairing!) Got an especially strong sweet tooth? Our Sweet Pineapple Cocofloss contains sucralose for a subtly sweet experience that won’t cause cavities!

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