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“Coco” in our name, COCOFLOSS, was inspired by coconuts. Chrystle and I love anything to do with coconuts – Binbingka (must-try, Filipino dessert), pina coladas, the scent of Hawaiian tropic – and we are inspired by these magical drupals. Our grandfather started his career as a coconut entrepreneur in the Philippines, where coconut palms are called “the tree of life” for their wide range of daily uses – ranging from cooking to health and cosmetic.

The coconut’s cosmetic benefits come from the unique structure of its nutrient-rich oil. Coconut oil is composed of roughly 50% lauric acid, an agile and surprisingly powerful medium-chain fatty acid. Applied as a lotion, these molecules are small enough to penetrate deep into your skin, while protecting your skin from water loss. Applied as a hair mask, lauric acid penetrates your hair shaft (your hair’s outer, protective Keratin layer) and helps prevent protein loss.

For oral care, coconut oil pulling – an ancient Ayurvedic hygiene technique where you rinse your mouth with coconut oil– has been suggested to reduce oral bacterial counts. How this works exactly is still debated. Oil pulling may reduce bacterial counts via the swishing action alone of gargling, and the medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil may inhibit bacterial growth via their interaction with bacterial cell walls.

A growing number of celebrities use coconut oil regularly for its purported health and cosmetic benefits. Gwyneth Paltrow started oil pulling last year. Miranda Kerr and Angelina Jolie likewise enjoy coconut regularly.

At the end of the day, given our love for coconuts and our fascination with this magical drupal, we decided to name our company COCOFLOSS. We are inspired by coconuts. We are loco for coco.

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