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Recycled Water Bottles → Revolutionary Floss

Dr. Chrys and Cat share the story behind Cocofloss’s new eco-conscious material.

Dearest Cocoflosser,

We grew up in Northern California, exploring the sweet-smelling chaparral forests and Pacific Coast. As kids, we collected eucalyptus pods, took shade under live oaks and redwoods, and admired sand dollars and tiny crabs at the beach. 

We have always loved nature. 

Now, as co-founders of Cocofloss, we’re committed to building a business that works hard to protect it. That’s why in January, we began rolling out Cocofloss spun from 85% recycled polyester, sourced from plastic water bottles. We expect to fully shift to the new material by the end of the year.

Why the (Up)Shift?

Here’s a dirty (in more than one way) secret: Only nine percent of the world’s plastic is recycled.

You see those plastic takeout containers and shampoo bottles that you good-naturedly toss into your recycling bin every week? Most of them end up in landfills. It’s a problem that keeps us up at night. 

By weaving our floss from recycled water bottles, we are taking a small step to change that alarming stat. With your help, we aim to divert 500,000 water bottles from the landfill by Earth Day 2022. 🌎 🙌

The recycled threads also take 64% less energy to make, compared with non-recycled threads, resulting in 32% less CO2 emissions and 94% less water consumption. That’s math that makes a difference.


Cocofloss has more scrubby, cleansing texture than silk floss.

Still the Cocofloss You ❤️

Every fragrant, nontoxic spool of Cocofloss is still woven with more than 500 scrubby strands and infused with soothing coconut oil. That’s right — you can’t tell the difference between original Cocofloss and new Cocofloss made from recycled bottles. (In fact, even we can’t tell the difference!) It’s still the soft, loofah-like weave that you know and love, but with a beautiful, eco-luxe bonus: Cocofloss is now better for our planet.

An Italian Affair: Weaving Water Bottles Into Cocofloss

Ciao, bella! Grab your (virtual) passport. You’re headed to Italy!  The entire bottle-to-Cocofloss process happens within a 55-mile radius of Italy’s legendary Piedmont region — known for truffles, red wine, and industrial innovation. (All you need for a good dinner party!)  

Here’s how it works:First the empty PET bottles are collected and sorted for quality. After the bottles are washed, they’re mechanically ground and converted into small flakes — without the use of chemicals. The final spinning process transforms them into our iconic Cocofloss, made of tiny, textured strands that are thinner and stronger than natural fibers.

Due to the high temperature required of the spinning process (more than 500°F!), there is no possible opportunity for microbiological contamination. Super-clean floss = super-clean smiles.



Water Bottles Look So Cute on You!

We didn't want to choose between a floss that is good for you and good for the planet.

For years, we researched and tested the other options to make Cocofloss: Silk — structurally unable to achieve the scrubby grip that thoroughly cleans your teeth. Bamboo — not strong enough. Polymers with biodegradable additives — they break down into micro-plastics that can still hurt animal life. 

Our solution: We take already discarded plastic bottles and turn them into incredibly effective, delightful floss. 

But it’s not just Cocofloss that can be made from this repurposed plastic. It’s soft, stretchy, and strong enough for your favorite workout leggings (Shape says they’re “squat-proof”), everyday T-shirts, and comfy kicks seen all over Instagram. In fact, you may be wearing plastic bottles right now!

Bright Smiles, Bright Future

With your help, we’re constantly evolving and growing our little-floss-company-that-could.


We are determined to offer you the world’s most delightful and effective oral care products, while working to reduce the environmental impact of everything we make — from start to flossy finish.

We will continue to invest in organizations, such as the Wildlife Conservation Network, that holistically care for ecosystems. Finally, we’ll keep pursuing ways we can be a more socially and environmentally responsible business. 

Just as the health of our teeth depends on the health of our oral microbiome, human health depends on the natural world around us. Let’s work together to keep it — and your grin — gorgeous.

Love, peace, and floss,

Dr. Chrys & Cat Cu

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