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Keeping It Clean: The Best Floss for Dental Implants

You probably wouldn’t spend big bucks on a sleek new sports car and then let it get piled up with dirt until it rusts and falls apart, would you? The same should go for your snazzy implant.

Stealthy imposters, dental implants can look and function like natural teeth. A screw-like post, usually made of titanium, acts like a root to hold them in place, while a crown serves the artificial tooth. If you have one, you might even forget it’s there when you beam at yourself in the mirror. 😁

Whoa, That’s Deep: Why Implants Need Extra Cleaning

Even though implants aren’t “real” teeth, they require extra TLC when it comes to cleaning. “Implants often have deep spaces, or ‘pockets,’ between the gum and implant,” says Cocofloss co-founder and dentist Dr. Chrystle Cu. “So it’s especially important to get deep underneath them and clean the gunk out.”

Otherwise, bacteria can build up on implants, just like it can on natural teeth. Over time, this can cause an infection on the surrounding gum tissue called “peri-implantitis.”  Besides causing sore, bleeding gums, peri-implantitis can lead to deterioration of the bone that’s supporting the implant. Before you know it, you’re headed for oral surgery. So long, implant. 

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Stop, Drop, and Floss: How to Protect Your Implant with Special Floss

You probably wouldn’t spend big bucks on a sleek new sports car and then let it get piled up with dirt for weeks on end until it rusts and falls apart, would you? The same should go for your snazzy implant.

Implants need meticulous daily cleaning to stay in prime condition, says dental hygienist and Cocofloss team member Elisa Dudley.

Brushing is a good start, but even the
best brushes can’t fully reach between teeth or under the gumline like floss. 

Same goes for a water flosser. While they can flush out some debris, they cannot fully remove the plaque from enamel surfaces between teeth. “You need to break the contact in between teeth to keep cavities from forming on the teeth adjacent to the implant,” says Elisa.

So flossing is essential to maintain your lovely smile, including your toothy look-alike implants. But not just any floss will do. Due to implants’ unique shape, you need a thicker, spongier floss that covers a greater surface area along the gumline, where bacteria and plaque accumulate. 

The solution? CocoPlush Threaders, a super-fluffy, cleansing floss specifically designed to deep clean around implants.

Why CocoPlush Threaders Are the Best Floss for Implants

Dr. Chrys created CocoPlush Threaders to deep clean around implants and under bridges and braces.

With an extra-spongy, soft, woven floss section and an easy-slide threader, CocoPlush Threaders gently scrub around dental work, helping to prevent peri-implantitis and cavities on adjacent teeth.

Why You’ll Love CocoPlush Threaders

✨ One-step ease: Just unwind a piece like regular string floss, cut, and you’re ready to clean!

✨ Built-in stiff threader easily navigates around implants and other dental work

✨ Extra-fluffy Cocofloss expands to deeply clean more surface area in deep pockets

✨ Infused with naturally soothing coconut oil and vegan wax

✨ Free of BPA, parabens, SLS, and PFAS. Leaping Bunny–certified cruelty-free.

✨ Cleanly woven from recycled water bottles

Floss tricky spaces and get your smile squeaky-clean with CocoPlush Threaders. Then keep flashing that fabulous smile, implants and all.  

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