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Think You Know How to Brush and Floss?

Guess again. Read on for 7 tips you never knew.

Brushing twice and flossing once each day are no-brainers. But do you really know how to clean your teeth and gums like a pro? Here are 7 top tips for gorgeous grins. 

How to Floss Like a Boss

First, Unwind

Cocofloss first to remove plaque from between your teeth and below your gumline (a hideout for bacteria that cause disease and bad breath). Then use your Cocobrush to sweep away this debris and clean your chompers’ surfaces too.

Teeth Need Hugs Too

Unwind 18 inches of Cocofloss every evening and wrap each tooth in a snug, “C”-shaped hug. Shimmy the strand up and down. Don’t be afraid to gently venture below the gumline.

Keep It Fresh

Use a new section of Cocofloss for each pair of teeth to avoid spreading bacteria.  

Don’t Slip ‘n’ Slide“

Gliding” floss can contain toxic chemicals called PFAS that make it extra slippery — it even slides right over plaque! Instead, choose a toxin-free floss (hello, Cocofloss! 😉) with a textured weave that captures plaque.  

How to Brush Your Very Best

Be a Softy

When it comes to toothbrushes, look for one with super-soft bristles, such as the Cocobrush. Harder brushes can contribute to permanent loss of tooth structure, heightened sensitivity, and gum recession. 

Hold the Line

Angle your Cocobrush bristles at 45 degrees towards your gumline and brush in small circles. Don’t be afraid to gently massage your gums. It'll take about two minutes to brush your entire singular smile.

Easy Does It

Pressing hard won’t remove more plaque. Bristles get smooshed against your teeth, preventing the brush tips from effectively cleaning between teeth or below the gumline. Forceful brushing can also damage your gums and enamel. Ouch!

Blissing out your smile is simple with Cocofloss and the Cocobrush. Subscribe today to always save 10% and get exquisite oral-care essentials delivered to your doorstep every 6 months.

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