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Playtime for Pearly Whites: How to Load Your Cocoflosser

Parents, we know flossing kiddos’ smiles can get wild. That’s why our Refillable Cocoflosser for Toddlers is easy to load, easy to hold, 100% reusable, and — hang onto your hat — it also makes flossing fun!

Heres a cute video of Cocofloss co-founder Dr. Chrystle Cu flossing her daughters teeth with the Cocoflosser:

How to Playfully Load Your Cocoflosser

To make sure your Cocoflosser is keeping your tots floss taut so it can work at its best, follow these playful steps. (Note that Dr. Chrys skipped steps 4 through 6 and used a smaller piece of floss in the video above, which is an extra-speedy option, too!)

step one of loading a Cocoflosser

1. Unspool 3–5 inches of Cocofloss. Breathe in its yummy scent.

Step 2 of loading the Cocoflosser

2. Now pop open your Cocoflosser’s “jaws.” Rawr! Chomp the Cocoflosser down on the Cocofloss. Nom, nom. 

Step 3 of loading the Cocoflosser

3. Snap shut the Cocoflosser. Unspool another 3–5 inches of Cocofloss and cut.

Step 4 of loading the Cocoflosser

4. Grab the two floss ends.

Step 5 of loading the Cocoflosser

5. Wrap the strands around the Cocoflosser 3–5 times. Whee!

Correct step 6 for loading the cocoflosser

6. Pull loose threads under latch to secure. Play on.

P.S. The Cocoflosser loves toothy safaris, plaque-fighting superheroes, and mouth mysteries! Here are more tips on making flossing fun for kiddos.

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