The Flossing Challenge

If Chris can floss while heli-skiing, you can floss for 21 days straight wherever you are!



Why Floss?

  • It's fun! 
  • Reduce your risk of gum disease, which affects over half of American adults!
  • Fresher breath
  • Whiter teeth
  • Increase your chances of keeping your teeth for life! 

Mind You Flossing Manners

  • Leave your favorite floss out in a highly visible spot.
  • Choose a consistent time each day to floss.
  • Be patient! Effective flossing takes practice.
  • Keep perspective. You'll thank yourself at your next dental visit for flossing daily.
  • Slow down! Be present and floss in the moment. It only takes a minute!


Tools For Success


  • Download and print the Cocofloss Goal Planner to hold yourself accountable to flossing daily for 21 days. 
  • Invest in the world's most cleansing floss and experience what clean truly means. Shop here
  • Tell a friend that you signed up and invite them to floss with you! Hold each other accountable. The floss party is even better with two! #21dayflossingchallenge
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