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This Is Why You Should Floss


To floss or not to floss? Watch this video, and you’ll never want to skip flossing again.

WARNING: The plaque in this video is nasty. View if you dare, then read on to learn more about plaque’s not-so-pretty effects on your pearly whites and why you should floss with Cocofloss.

Party House for Plaque

Your mouth is a hotbed for bacteria — some 700 species of them. Many of these microscopic critters, such as some strains found in probiotics, can help you digest food, battle bad breath, and even fight off oral diseases. Thanks, little buddies.

But other “bad” bacteria trash your mouth like a teenage party house, throwing raucous ragers while they multiply by the billions, feeding on sugary bits of your breakfast. They populate in layers, securely attached to your chompers beneath sticky, yellowish, polysaccharide matrix — a living biofilm called plaque.” These nasty buggers especially love to hide out in the spaces between your gums and teeth, producing acid that can eat away tooth enamel and cause costly cavities. 

Left unchecked, plaque hardens into stubborn, calcified deposits called “tartar” — a dank den for even more pernicious plaque. Eventually, your gums get so irritated that they bleed, your jaw bone can break down, and your teeth might even bail. (Our Gum Guide” lays out all the gory, gotta-know details.)

Get Cocofloss Clean

Sure, you brush your teeth. Really well. And you get an A+ if you brush twice a day like the American Dental Association recommends. Your oral health depends on your daily dental diligence. 

But your toothbrush still can’t reach 35% of your teeth’s surfaces. 

That’s where Cocofloss comes in. Unlike most “gliding” floss, which is often too slippery to grab slimy plaque, Cocofloss features 500+ textured microfilaments interlaced in a unique, loofah-like weave. Our strong, flexible floss expands and contracts as needed to slide between your teeth and sweep away plaque and debris — so you’re not just going through the motions of flossing, you’re actually getting your teeth and gums super clean.

Plus, every strand of Cocofloss is infused with soothing coconut oil, a natural antimicrobial. It’s also free of PFAS and other toxins, cruelty-free, and vegan. It comes in fun, unusual scents that make flossing feel more like a mini-vacation.   

Just be sure to take the time every day to floss effectively.

Top tip: Every one of your teeth deserves a fresh Cocofloss hug. Make a “C” shape with a new section of the floss, hugging the tooth as you slide the strand up and down 5 to 8 times. Don’t forget your very back molars! 

Without layers of plaque gunking up your grin, your breath will be kissably fresh and your smile will be whiter and more sparkling than ever. Now that’s something to see!

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