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Thank you for joining our movement to clean up our gorgeous planet while you clean up your beautiful smile.
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Travel Jet Set

We did the packing for you! Each NEW Travel Jet Set comes with your choice of Cocobrush, Cocofloss, and a Cocofloss refill, stashed in a breathable, carry on–sized pouch. Let your grin glow wherever you go!

  • Extra-soft Cocobrush, a dentist-designed toothbrush with thousands of micro-bristles to cleanse and polish
  • 33-yard spool of Cocofloss (2-month supply), a textured, woven dental floss to refresh your smile
  • Planet-friendly Cocofloss Refill (33 yd; optional) wrapped in backyard-compostable packaging
  • Zippered, see-through, mesh Net Benefits Pouch that’s responsibly made by hand in Cambodia from repurposed industrial netting
Blue Bliss
Limoncello Yellow
Tickled Pink
Orange Zest
Delicious Mint
Fresh Coconut
Pure Strawberry
Cara Cara Orange
Delicious Mint
Fresh Coconut
Pure Strawberry
Cara Cara Orange
Make it special waith a re–usable Coco Carry Bag!

Truly a Better Toothbrush

Designed by a dentist, the Cocobrush beats out other brushes in cleansing power, while remaining super gentle on your gums. In fact, studies at a Swiss university proved that the Cocobrush is 16x more effective at cleaning between your teeth than a standard toothbrush. Explore just what makes the Cocobrush so exceptional.
How can something so soft and gentle be so effective? It’s because the Cocobrush’s thousands of micro-bristles are nearly 40% finer than regular bristles that they’re better able to sweep under your gums and between your teeth. Being so fine also makes the bristles extra kind to your sensitive gum tissue. It’s exactly the right toothy tool for the job. And when you brush, you’ll feel the ultra-cleansing difference.
Two different bristle lengths let your brush boogie in different places: longer, more flexible bristles with tapered ends venture under the gumline and between your teeth, while shorter, straighter bristles with rounded ends polish your pearly whites. Together they make an incredibly effective cleansing (and dental dancing) team.
Many brushes — even “soft” ones — can be too hard and rough on your teeth. They may even contribute to permanent loss of tooth structure, heightened sensitivity, and gum recession. Designed with the long-term health of your mouth in mind, the Cocobrush is so extraordinarily soft, it’s fluffy. (You probably shouldn’t pet your toothbrush, but you might want to. Feel free to name it, though.)
The graceful, ergonomic handle is dentist-designed to help you reach the most plaque- and calculus-ridden areas of mouth. We’re talking the upper back molars — behind them and on the cheek side — and behind the lower front teeth. Plus, the small brush-head nimbly navigates to tricky areas, where those extra-fine bristles can then clean every nook and cranny. Ah, so satisfying!

Sparkling Smiles, Sparkling Seas

Sparkling Smiles, Sparkling Seas

Every Cocobrush handle is made with ~98% recycled ocean-bound plastic, thanks to our partnership with Oceanworks. We also promise that for every Cocobrush you buy, we’ll remove an additional 10 Cocobrushes’ worth of ocean-bound plastic from the environment. Read on to dive deeper into how your purchase of the Cocobrush sets off a ripple effect of positive change.

“Ocean-bound” is a term for plastic collected from communities located within 31 miles (50 kms) of the ocean that have no formal waste-management system. It’s more likely that this plastic would become part of the 8 million metric tons of waste that end up in our oceans each year. (BTW, pioneering waste engineer Professor Jenna Jambeck, Ph.D., from the University of Georgia, first popularized the label in 2015 so people can better address this global marine pollution problem.) By sourcing recyclable material from coastal communities, we’re helping to stem the tide of trash entering our seas.

On our journey toward sustainability, Cocofloss found a beach buddy in Oceanworks. Founded in 2016, Oceanworks connects eco-minded businesses with suppliers of recycled materials. (We love that they got their start making stylish, surfer-style sunglasses! 😎 ) Oceanworks guarantees international standards for social and environmental responsibility, authentic sources for materials, and a transparent supply chain — so you can be sure your Cocobrush’s coral reef–bright handle is truly made from ocean-bound plastic. They’re also partnering with us to collect an additional 10 Cocobrushes’ worth of ocean-bound plastic from the environment for every brush you buy. 🙌

Using recycled ocean-bound plastic makes a whale of difference in reducing the use of natural resources. 🐳  Within one year of crafting Cocobrush handles with Oceanworks plastic instead of non-recycled plastic, we expect to save 8,494 kilowatt-hours of energy, 211 gallons of oil, and 1,489 cubic feet of landfill space. We’ll also avoid emitting 3,070 pounds of CO2. There’s nothing fishy about these numbers! 🐠  They add up to a soft-as-sand environmental footprint while you pamper your smile with a super-soft Cocobrush. Shell yeah to sparkling clean seas and smiles!

Yes. We believe the little choices we all make now can weave a brighter future for our planet. Remember that every ultra-cleansing Cocobrush you buy helps remove 10x its weight in plastic waste from the beach! So maybe the environmental benefits of one brush are small, but then when you multiply it by ten, you start to see a ripple effect of change. In the Cocobrush’s first year, we aim to collect a total of 18.5 tons (37,000 pounds) of ocean-bound waste. That’s equal to about 40 million plastic straws. We think we can — we know we can — be part of a powerful wave of change washing over our planet, helping to clean up our seas and brighten smiles, too.

You know we make the best floss on Earth, right? Did you know it’s also woven from recycled water bottles? Call it the “green flash” on your sunset oral-care routine! 🌅 💚  Learn more …

Travel Jet Set

Cocofloss aromas are made from a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients from a fragrance shop in Italy. Sweet Pineapple Cocofloss (our first flavored floss!) also includes the sweetener sucralose. If you're interested in an all natural fragrance, our Delicious Mint variety is 100% naturally scented. Delicious Mint ingredients: spearmint oil, cornmint oil, anise camphor, and menthol.

100% Gum Bliss Guarantee: If you find that you're unhappy with Cocofloss for any reason, let us know at help@cocoflos.com and we'll provide a full refund for your purchase.