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Join the Floss Squad

Join the movement!  Floss Squad ambassadors represent a community of prevention-minded student dentists and hygienists, inspiring patients to floss like a boss! In addition to building your brand as a future dentite and gaining visibility, you’ll receive Cocofloss swag to share, and your very own Squad Kit.  As dental geeks, we’re all in it together to build a world full of teeth for life #teeth4lyfe.

Cocofloss Party

What You'll Get

  • Chance to win flights for two to Hawaii. The student with the highest number of floss converts wins!
  • Invaluable motivational and communication skills
  • Opportunity to be part of a movement that will save countless smiles!
  • Floss Squad Kit including:

    • Gum guide
    • 100 Cocofloss units
    • Cocofloss tee
    • 4-piece Cocofloss gift set
    • A personal referral code to give your friends 15% off their first Cocofloss purchase
    • A cute gif or video of you #Cocoflossing ;) – who knows, maybe you’ll go viral!


You must be a current dental or dental hygiene student in the United States. 

How to join

  1. Post a 3-5 second video, boomerang, or high-res image of you Cocoflossing, motivate your following to floss daily in the comments, and tag @getcocofloss and #FlossSquad to receive your Floss Squad Kit!
  2. Respond to the questions here! 
  3. Receive your Floss Squad Kit and start your mission!