Cocofloss is PFAS free and safe for your smile :). 

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Cocofloss 8-Piece Prosperity Pack

Join Lunar New Year celebrations with our first-ever Cocofloss Prosperity Pack. Across much of Asia, families give golden citruses, symbols of abundance, and red envelopes filled with money to share good luck with each other all year long.

Give red envelopes filled with lucky Cocofloss to your loved ones. Set the stage for a year full of togetherness, good luck, and happy smiles!

  • 8 units of Cocofloss (32 yds each), a super-cleansing, soft, textured dental floss, infused with coconut oil, fruit oils, and fragrances to refresh your smile
  • 8 lucky red envelopes to spread good fortune (and happy grins) to your friends
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      How to use

      Floss daily and leave Cocofloss out in a visible place so you never forget to floss.


      Cocofloss 8-Piece Prosperity Pack
      Cocofloss 8-Piece Prosperity Pack
      Cocofloss 8-Piece Prosperity Pack
      Cocofloss 8-Piece Prosperity Pack


      500+ polyester filaments gently scrub plaque away

      Vegan wax enables Cocofloss to coast elegantly between tight contacts

      Coconut oil soothes your gums

      Subtle, bright fruit notes make flossing a delight


      Cruelty-free, vegan, gluten free, paraben free


      Cocofloss 8-Piece Prosperity Pack
      Gum bliss guaranteed
      Cocofloss 8-Piece Prosperity Pack

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      100% Gum bliss guaranteed

      We promise you'll love Cocofloss

      or your floss is on us!

      Cocofloss aromas are made from a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients from a fragrance shop in Italy. If you're interested in an all natural fragrance, our mint variety is 100% naturally fragranced. Mint ingredients: spearmint oil, cornmint oil, anise camphor, and menthol.

      100% Gum Bliss Guarantee: If you find that you're unhappy with Cocofloss for any reason, let us know at and we'll provide a full refund for your purchase.