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We invented an ultra-cleansing floss to make your smile sparkle.

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Do I Really Need to Floss?

More than 700 species of bacteria mingle in your mouth. Some of these microscopic guests are polite and helpful. Others are unruly hooligans, trashing your gums and teeth.

Your toothbrush tries to take charge, but it can’t reach 35% of your teeth’s surfaces.

Plaque Party Central

Left unsupervised, the bacterial baddies in between your teeth throw raucous ragers. They multiply by the billions in layers, securely attached to your chompers beneath a protective, slimy polysaccharide matrix.

Inside this microbial pleasure palace, a.k.a plaque, rowdy bacteria produce acid that erodes tooth enamel and causes cavities. Your gums become increasingly irritated, red, and may even bleed (gingivitis). Along with your jawbone, your gums retreat from the chaos and eventually your teeth may begin to bail too.

Cocofloss to the Rescue

Like the best nightclub bouncer, Cocofloss grabs the riffraff that your toothbrush can’t handle and tosses ’em out. You’re left with healthy gums, fresh breath, and a sparkling smile. Now that’s something to celebrate!

Grabs Plaque

Made with 500+ textured filaments to scrub teeth clean. Learn More

Holds Strong

Interwoven fibers maximize strength and minimize shredding. Learn More

Stays Flexible

Designed to compress between even the tightest spaces. Learn More

Safe Ingredients

Crafted with soothing coconut oil, naturally aromatic fruit oils, and vegan wax. Learn More

Made in Italy

We’re committed to thoughtfully sourced ingredients to ensure the highest quality. Learn More

We Care

No toxins, no animal testing. Learn More

Way Better than Ordinary

Ordinary Floss
Flat, thin floss lacks the texture needed to capture plaque — a sticky, stubborn substance.
Our specially formulated floss is designed to scrub away plaque and leave your mouth feeling fresh!

Supercharge Your Smile

Don’t wait to explore our ultra-cleansing floss in a variety of delicious scents!
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The Cocofloss Story


Mission: Impossible Floss

Villainous cavities are taking over the teeth of dental patients everywhere. Sugar is having a heyday. In San Mateo, CA, dentist Dr. Chrystle Cu knows proper flossing could have prevented more than half of the cavities she treats, but she just can’t get her patients to floss! Even Dr. Cu’s little sister, Cat, isn’t flossing!

Frustrated but determined, Dr. Cu sets out on a mission to reduce tooth decay and gum disease by inventing a super-effective, motivating, and FUN floss. But can it be done?

Sisters Unite to Fight for Floss

Floss-fanatic Dr. Cu enlists her sister Cat, a self-confessed lazy flosser, in her mission to improve the world’s oral hygiene. After a heart-to-heart about the benefits of flossing, Cat becomes not just a convert, but a maven.

The super floss sisters study their friends’ flossing behavior with their first annual 21-Day Floss Challenge. Results from the challenge show the Cu sisters that folks want to floss. But a major problem remains: People need a much better floss to keep them motivated.

La Dolce Vita of Floss

Dr. Cu and Cat scour the globe searching for a manufacturing partner to help them develop the perfect floss. They create the first Cocofloss prototype with a family-run factory in Italy (and eat lots of pasta and gelato as part of their “research”). Then the floss boss sisters hand cut and pack spaghetti-length Cocofloss strands into glass jars for their friends and dental professionals to try.

After receiving resoundingly positive feedback, the pair begin selling Cocofloss to all their friends on Facebook. Finally they have found a way to fight cavities and create sparkling smiles the world ‘round: Cocofloss is born.