Make Smiles Merry

We’ve got stockings full of festive Cocofloss and Cocobrush sets to dash away plaque and “sleigh” cavities — all in seasonal scents and cheery gift boxes.

Unwind the Sublime

Presenting our most luscious limited-edition aromas wrapped in a festive holiday gift box. Summer Watermelon in winter? Yes, please! Available for a short time only.
Limited-Edition Holiday Sets

Waaay Better Than Socks

Give the gift of a blissed-out grin. This jolly holiday set features 4 Cocobrushes with ultra-fine, super-soft bristles that clean 16x better than standard brushes.
4-Cocobrush Nutcracker Set

Make a Big Splash

These adorable, sea life–themed sets benefit nonprofits that help penguins, sea turtles, dolphins, and more. Save underwater wonders while you brighten your smile!
2-Spool Sets for Ocean Conservation

Treat Your Teeth to Cocofloss

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Unlike ineffective “gliding” floss, Cocofloss features a textured, loofah-like weave of 500+ filaments. As you floss, these soft strands expand to whoosh away sticky plaque and cavity-causing bacteria.


Tired of seeing people end up with preventable cavities, gum recession, and gum disease, Dr. Chrystle Cu specifically designed Cocofloss to help everyone keep their teeth for life.


Coconut oil — a natural antimicrobial — soothes your gums while delightful aromas turn an everyday task into a scent-sational treat!


This year, we began rolling out Cocofloss made from recycled water bottles. Thanks to this new, more sustainable thread, we’re on track to divert 500,000 water bottles from landfills by Earth Day 2022.

Dentists love cocofloss

"Truly an innovative floss with just the right thickness and texture that slides and cleans proficiently. It gives patients a feeling of satisfaction that they are really making a difference ... Patients are addicted which means their dental health has improved."
Dr. Cynthia Bratessani
"I am just like many of my patients — I hate to floss. Being a periodontist, I am very picky about what I personally use and what I recommend for my patients. I love this floss!!! It is easy to use, cleans great, smells great, and does not traumatize my gums."
Dr. Stephen John
"I instantly fell in love with Cocofloss! The stylish appearance is just the icing on the cake. I have never had a floss clean as effectively as Cocofloss. I notoriously build up plaque and calculus on my lower anterior teeth. But with gentle yet thorough flossing, I am able to maintain it between my hygiene appointments!"
Dr. Ashley Harrison
"It’s almost like flossing with unicorn hair. They’ve taken flossing to a whole new level."
Dr. Brian Novy

word of mouth

Switching to more thoughtfully formulated products is a win, not only in terms of ingredients but also in terms of design.
It is full-on over-and-above SUPERIOR to any other floss I’ve tried. I recommend it to everyone — it just… does the job better and less irritatingly...
The secret is in the floss itself, a soft filament that’s lightly waxed, durable enough not to shred or tear even with the most aggressive flossing...
The floss has a unique thread that is 'soft, yet textured,' which makes it super-effective at removing plaque without hurting the gums.


Cocofloss is the loofah for your smile! Hundreds of filaments scrub away yellow plaque and cavity-causing bacteria, leaving your gums purified.

Meet the Cu Sisters

Meet the Cu Sisters

Cocofloss was founded by two remarkable sisters: Dr. Chrystle Cu, the dentist, is an extreme, pro-flosser. Catherine Cu, the artist and industrial engineer, is a little lazier on the flossing frontier. They joined forces at Cocofloss to fight cavities and brighten grins with innovative — even addictive — oral-care products. Chrystle continues to practice dentistry in San Mateo, California, while also leading product design and education at Cocofloss. Cat uses her background in finance and big data in her role as the company’s CEO and creative lead.

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