This is our dream. We have a long way to go before we get there, but we believe the little choices we all make now can weave a brighter, more sustainable future. Let’s unwind how Cocofloss cares for your singular smile — and our one-and-only planet.

Our products

So long, single-use plastics. Hello, energy savings and bright, blissed out smiles!


The Cocobrush’s handle is made of ~98% recycled ocean-bound plastic. For every Cocobrush you buy, we’ll remove an additional 10 Cocobrushes’ worth of ocean-bound plastic from coastal communities. Over the next 12 months, we aim to remove about 18.5 tons (37,000 pounds) of trash, thanks to production of Cocobrush handles and these extra cleanup efforts.


Every new spool of Cocofloss is now being woven with 85% recycled polyester spun from water bottles. Thanks to this more sustainable thread, we’re on track to divert 500,000 water bottles from landfills by Earth Day 2022.

Cocofloss Refills

Single-use, schmingle-moose. Reuse your dispenser and keep the Cocofloss flowing with refills, also now woven from recycled water bottles.
*In one year compared with non-recycled plastic


Easy as 1-2-3, treats for teeth! We turn single-use plastics into superior care for pearly whites.
First we divert plastic from landfills and the coast.
We super-wash it at high temperatures.
Then we transform it into tiny pieces.
And spin those pieces into Cocofloss.
Or mold them into Cocobrushes.
Keep the cycle going.

Our Packaging

We’d ship our floss naked, if we could. (Blushing.) So we try to be bare-bones with our packaging and use compostable and recycled materials.

Cocofloss Boxes

Our Cocofloss boxes are made from 100% recycled paper and are 100% certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. That’s the gold-standard certification for environmentally and socially responsible paper products. They’re almost too cute to toss — but if you do, aim for your compost or recycling bin.


Done with your spool? That’s cool. Pop in a Cocofloss refill and never bid your dispenser adieu. If you must part ways, send it off in the recycling bin to live another life.

Refill wrappers

Our refills are packaged fully compostable wrappers made of renewable wood cellulose. Yep, that clear plastic-looking sheath actually goes in your compost bin.

count on us to do our part

Wildlife Conservation Network & Oceanworks

We might be flossing superheroes (with super-cleansing blue lassos), but when it comes to saving the world, we believe in joining forces with experts in conservation, sustainability, and social responsibility.

So we’ve partnered with the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN), an inspiring nonprofit dedicated to assisting communities in 37 countries as they work to protect 87 different wildlife species.

We’ve also buddied up with Oceanworks to remove ocean-bound plastic from coastal areas in Southeast Asia. Oceanworks guarantees international standards for social and environmental responsibility, authentic sources for materials, and a transparent supply chain.

You & The Planet

Count on us to deliver the world’s most delightful and effective oral care products, while working to reduce the environmental impact of everything we make — from start to flossy finish. We will also continue to invest in organizations that holistically care for ecosystems. Finally, we’ll keep pursuing ways we can be a more socially and environmentally responsible business.

As Cocofloss co-founder Cat Cu says, “Just as the health of our teeth depends on the health of our oral microbiome, human health depends on the natural world around us.”

You, flossy friend, are our partner too. Your powerful decision to learn about and support sustainability — and to share your positivity with others — keeps our efforts on a roll. Let’s work together to keep our planet — and your grin — gorgeous.