Cocoshine Whitening Toothpaste

Believe it: up to 2 shades whiter in 1 week of brushing.

A deeply restorative toothpaste experience that whitens and brightens without the use of toxins, coarse abrasives, or symptom-masking ingredients. It features a form of your teeth’s own natural minerals and transforms them into something beneficial — rebuilding your enamel to whiten, reverse sensitivity, strengthen, and balance your microbiome. The secret is a high 3% concentration of nano-hydroxyapatite (n-HA) that's 2x more effective at remineralizing* plus other scientifically proven, clean ingredients. Welcome to our amazing new age of smile-care. 

  • What it is: A dentist-designed, clean-ingredient, 4-in-1 toothpaste
  • Size: TSA-friendly net wt 3.4 oz (96.4g)
  • The proof: Whitens teeth up to 2 shades in 1 week of brushing.** Rebuilds enamel 2x faster.* Reduced sensitivity in 2 minutes of brushing. 
  • Rebuilds enamel. n-HA particles fill in small holes and depressions to remineralize, restore, and strengthen the structure of teeth. Discover how n-HA compares with fluoride on our blog.
  • Repairs sensitivity. n-HA repairs the root cause of sensitivity by filling in the tiny dentinal tunnels that lead to your nerves, no numbing required.
  • Safely whitens teeth. Cocoshine gently remove surface stains with baking soda and silica. Then n-HA fills in any surface imperfections in enamel to create a smoother, more reflective surface without the use of bleach. 
  • Proven ingredients. Like pH-boosting baking soda, antibacterial xylitol and coconut oil, gum-soothing aloe vera, and stain-buffing silica.
  • Delightfully clean. No sulfates, parabens, propylene glycol, triclosan, peroxide, artificial dyes, or artificial sweeteners. Non-GMO. Vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Safe to swallow. Fluoride-free and thoughtfully chosen ingredients make this paste a smart choice for all ages. 
  • Cleans up our coasts. Tube partly made with recycled ocean-bound plastic from Oceanworks®. Recycle it with Pact when you're done!

    "The only whitening toothpaste that has actually transformed my smile." MindBodyGreen

*in vitro assessment of Cocoshine Toothpaste with 3% n-HA concentration demonstrated significantly greater efficacy (~2x) in remineralization of the enamel substrate compared to 2.5% n-HA toothpaste samples.
**After 1 week’s worth of brushing for a single tooth, the Delicious Mint toothpaste formulation whitened by a maximum of 1.96 VITA® tooth shades.
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          Make it special waith a re–usable Coco Carry Bag!

          The Sunlit Power of n-HA

          Made from the same minerals in your enamel, nano-hydroxyapatite (n-HA) is a clinically proven bioactive that remineralizes enamel, whitens, repairs sensitivity, and balances your microbiome.
          Our high dose of 3% n-HA boasts double the remineralization efficacy, rebuilding enamel 2x better than industry standard n-HA concentrations. Instead of a simple coating, n-HA penetrates below the surface, bonding with dentin and enamel to fill in small holes, restoring the structure of your teeth from the inside out.
          Forget harsh, damaging peroxide. Baking soda and silica gently remove surface stains while n-HA repairs microscopic holes to create a smoother, shinier surface. The result: up to 2 shades brighter after 1 week of brushing.
          n-HA fills in the tiny tunnels that irritate your nerves to restore teeth while blocking painful stimuli, offering relief after just 2 minutes of brushing. Other toothpastes use potassium nitrate, which only offers temporary, numbing relief.

          Blissfully Clean Ingredients

          Blissfully Clean Ingredients

          Gives bad bacteria the boot without blasting away good bacteria.

          Knocks out bacteria that cause gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath.

          Raises pH to counter acidic, cavity-causing bacteria while gently whitening enamel and promoting remineralization.

          Calms irritated gums with its naturally anti-inflammatory properties so they can heal.

          Cocofloss aromas are made from a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients from a fragrance shop in Italy. Sweet Pineapple Cocofloss (our first flavored floss!) also includes the sweetener sucralose. If you're interested in an all natural fragrance, our Delicious Mint variety is 100% naturally scented. Delicious Mint ingredients: spearmint oil, cornmint oil, anise camphor, and menthol.