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21-Day Floss Challenge

Take the challenge to floss daily for 21 days!

Why join the challenge?

Commit to building a healthy habit and get on track to keeping your #teeth4lyfe! Floss daily and say hello to healthier gums, fresher breath, and a whiter, brighter smile.


Keep a beautiful smile.


Keep your mind and body strong.


Keep your teeth for life.

What will I receive?


We’ll send you a daily dose of Flo-Mo (floss motivation) chock full of toothsome tips, facts, and inspiration to chew on while you floss.

Learn about the floss-body connection

The two minutes you spend flossing has far-reaching benefits that will bring a smile to your lips and not just because of your stellar dental hygiene.

A healthy habit for life

Evidence suggests that it takes at least three weeks to build a new habit. Completing the challenge will set you on the path to becoming a floss boss for life!

Ready, set, floss!

Stock up on super-cleansing supplies. Snag a Floss & Go Pack or Sustainably Clean Pack for 30-40% off.

How the 21-Day Floss Challenge started

Dr. Chrystle Cu had finally convinced her little sister, Cat, to join her in her mission to get folks to floss daily. The sisters filmed this video in Cat’s bedroom at the original Cocofloss HQ, aka their parents’ basement. 😆

Cat herself was one of the first 21-Day Floss Challenge participants. Shenever flossed before the challenge, and starting a floss company sounded bananas to her. 🍌 The 21-Day Floss Challenge converted her, and now she’s a floss boss in more ways than one!

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