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dentist buzz

"Truly an innovative floss with just the right thickness and texture that slides and cleans proficiently. It gives patients a feeling of satisfaction that they are really making a difference ... Patients are addicted which means their dental health has improved."

Dr. Cynthia Bratessani

"It’s almost like flossing with unicorn hair. They’ve taken flossing to a whole new level."

Dr. Brian Novy

"I instantly fell in love with Cocofloss! The stylish appearance is just the icing on the cake. I have never had a floss clean as effectively as Cocofloss. I notoriously build up plaque and calculus on my lower anterior teeth. But with gentle yet thorough flossing, I am able to maintain it between my hygiene appointments!"

Dr. Ashley Harrison

"I am just like many of my patients — I hate to floss. Being a periodontist, I am very picky about what I personally use and what I recommend for my patients. I love this floss!!! It is easy to use, cleans great, smells great, and does not traumatize my gums."

Dr. Stephen John

Why Cocofloss?

Made with 500+ textured filaments, Cocofloss boasts a greater surface area to scrub teeth clean.

Interwoven fibers maximize tensile strength and minimize shredding.

Its soft, cylindrical shape compresses to fit between even the tightest contacts.

Crafted with soothing coconut oil, naturally aromatic fruit oils, and vegan wax.

We're committed to thoughtfully sourced ingredients to ensure the highest quality.

No PFAS, no toxins, no animal testing. We've partnered with Wildlife Conservation Network to help keep the planet healthy.