How to Floss Your Teeth Effectively
Dentist and Cocofloss co-founder Dr. Chrystle Cu offers tips on how to floss your teeth like a pro.

Got a few minutes? Then you have time to floss — an essential part of caring for your teeth and gums so you can smile for life. The truth is, skipping flossing is like taking a shower without washing more than a third of your body. Ewww. That’s because toothbrushes can’t reach about 40% of your teeth’s surfaces. So even if you’re an expert brusher, you need to floss to flash a grin that’s gorgeously clean, fresh, and bright. (Want more proof? Watch this video, if you dare.) At Cocofloss, we know flossing can be a fun, relaxing, rewarding self-care treat. Check out our quick instructional video — including a mini dance party! — and follow the easy steps below as Dr. Chrys demonstrates how to use dental floss like a pro.

1. Unspool about 18 inches 

About the width between your shoulders — of your favorite floss (hint, hint: Cocofloss 😉). Take a deep breath — this is your time to relax and kindly care for your smile.

2. Twirl the floss

1 to 2 times around your middle finger on one hand.

3. Twirl the floss - other hand

1 to 2 times around your middle finger on the other hand.

4. Hold the floss

With your pointer fingers and thumbs close together, no more than 1 inch apart.

5. Gently slide the floss

Between your teeth, being careful not to snap down the strand on your gums. Then give the side of one tooth a snug, “C”-shaped hug with the floss.

6. Shimmy the floss up and down

5 to 8 times, fully scrubbing away plaque and debris. Be sure to slide the floss below the gumline — a hideout for bacteria that cause gum disease and bad breath. Then repeat on the adjacent tooth’s side.

7. Pull the floss lightly with one hand to move to a fresh section of floss

for each tooth space. (Reusing the same section of floss could spread bacterial plaque from one space to another and make any floss more likely to shred.)

Pro flossing tip: Don’t forget to floss behind your back molars too! Tucked all the way in the back of your mouth, that last space is easy to forget.



That’s it! If you find flossing tricky at first, don’t worry. It can take practice to do it right, so be patient with yourself. And don’t give up if your gums slightly bleed. This could be an early sign of gum disease, which means you definitely need to take extra special care of your smile. Flossing only takes a few minutes a day, but it rewards you with a smile that’s healthier, fresher, whiter, and more sparkling than ever. Need help making flossing a habit? Join our free 21-Day Floss Challenge!