Cocofloss Impact Report

Smile care is just the start. We’re creating a more thoughtful, eco-conscious company that supports the long-term well being of people and our planet.

In celebration of Earth Day 2024, see how far we’ve come and where we’re going.

Less waste

So Far:
206,466 pounds of plastic diverted from landfills ( ~ 3.12 million water bottles)

By 2027:
606,491 pounds of plastic will be diverted from landfills ( ~ 9.17 million water bottles)

We keep plastic out of landfills by transforming it into ultra-cleansing Cocobrushes, Cocofloss, Cocoshine tubes, and more. Using recycled plastic is gentler on the planet than virgin plastic, requiring fewer natural resources to produce.

What about PFAS?
Our Recycled Materials

Cocofloss ≈ 85% recycled water bottles

CocoPlush Threaders = 100% recycled water bottles

Cocobrush handle ≈ 98% recycled ocean-bound plastic

Cocoshine tube ≈ 46% recycled ocean-bound plastic

Using recycled water bottles requires:*

64% less energy
94% less water
32% fewer CO2 emissions

*Compared with virgin polyester

By using recycled ocean-bound plastic, we saved:

98,188 kWh of electricity
991 gallons of oil
171 cubic feet of landfill space


So far:
83,426 pounds of plastic have been removed from coastal areas.

By 2027:
201,505 pounds of plastic will be removed from coastal areas.

For every Cocobrush you buy, we remove an additional 10 Cocobrushes worth of ocean-bound plastic from coastal communities through Oceanworks’ IMPAC+ program. So far, we’ve removed the equivalent of about 90 million plastic straws. Our three year goal: increase that number to 218 million plastic straws.


What We Use

Recycled Plastic

Backyard Compostable Wrappers

100% Recycled Paper Packaging

We wrap all of our smile care in eco-conscious packaging. Simply by refilling your dispensers, you’ve helped divert 14,447 pounds of plastic from landfills so far. We’ve also partnered with the nonprofit Pact so you can properly recycle your empty Cocoshine tubes.


Refillable Cocofloss Dispensers ≈ 95% recycled polypropylene

Cocofloss Refill Wrappers = 100% backyard-compostable wood cellulose

Cocofloss Refill Trio Wrappers = 100% recycled poly bags

Cocoshine & More

Cocoshine Tubes ≈ 46% recycled Oceanworks® plastic

Kids Refillable Cocoflosser Wrappers = 100% backyard-compostable bioplastic

Outer Boxes = 100% recycled paper

Recycle with Pact → Cocoshine tubes and Cocofloss dispensers get a new life.



We care for our planet and people through financial and in-kind donations to impactful nonprofit organizations, such as Wildlife Conservation Network, Global Smile Foundation, and the Thirst Project.

So far, we’ve donated $93,395.

Want to dive deeper?

We care about the health of our planet and its inhabitants as part of a truly holistic approach to smile care. Questions? Thoughts? Say