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Thank you for joining our movement to clean up our gorgeous planet while you clean up your beautiful smile.
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Brighten a Friend’s Smile Today!

Cocofloss dental floss


Show a friend you ❤️ their gorgeous grin. Give them $5 to spend on delightful oral-care products and more on Cocofloss.com! A smile-booster for you? You’ll get $5 too!   


Here’s how to start spreading bright, healthy smiles:


1. Join CocoRewards.

Just click on the “Want free floss? CocoRewards!” button and create a CocoRewards account. Now you can start earning CocoPoints! 🙌


2. Refer a Friend.

After you’re all logged in, click on the “Want free floss? CocoRewards!” button again. Scroll down to “Refer your friends.” Then share your special link by Facebook, Twitter, or email. 


3. Your Friend Gets a Gift.

Right away your friend will receive a code to save $5 on Cocofloss.com. Let the flossy shopping fun begin! 


4. You Get 500 CocoPoints (worth $5).

Once your friend makes a purchase, you’ll receive 500 CocoPoints in your CocoRewards account. You can redeem your CocoPoints right away (whoo-hoo!) or save up for a bigger grin-boosting treat. It only takes 900 CocoPoints to purchase an ultra-cleansing spool of Cocofloss.


Keep Spreading Bright Smiles! 


Hey, we bet you have more than one friend who deserves $5 to spend on irresistible oral-care products and more. Keep up the good work for the sake of your friends’ grins!   
(BTW, there’s no limit on CocoPoints.)  


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